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Solo Exhibition at University City Library Gallery

My newest body of work "Illiberal Democracy" will debut in December 2018 at the iconic University City Library Gallery located in St. Louis' Delmar Loop neighborhood. This fantastic space has served as a vital exhibition space in the St. Louis community for many years. I am truly honored to have an opportunity to exhibit in the neighborhood of my youth. 

Bryan Robertson
CAA 2019

I will be presenting a paper titled "Egg Tempera, Modern Surfactants, and Painting the Mixed Technique with Water-Soluable Oils" at the 2019 CAA conference in New York. This research traces the history of water-mixable oil paints to pre-Renaissance painters such as Giotto and Fra Angelico who used egg tempera emulsions of water and oil. 

Bryan Robertson
FATE: Foundations in Art: Theory and Education

I will be leading a workshop on my research into water-mixable oil paints at the FATE 2019 biennial conference at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Participants will learn about how to make water-mixable oil paint mediums for use in the classroom and specifically about indirect painting techniques that are useful for foundations classes. 

Bryan Robertson
Review from the Visual Arts Quarterly

Yael Even says, "Using his signature format, logos are collaged to compose maps that emphasize political and social ills... Robertson's images contain graphic design elements superimposed upon one another to both orient and disorient the viewer."  keep reading

Bryan Robertson