Bryan Robertson Art | Paintings and Digital Collage

Bryan Robertson uses painting and digital collage to explore themes of popular culture. Please enjoy his work described as surrealism infused pop art.

Bryan Robertson works primarily with paint on canvas and digital collage. By alternating these two mediums he finds a tension between internalized and external imagery.  This gives his work the characteristics of collage but with the painterly sensibilities of Sigmar Polke or Neo Rauch.  Robertson deviates from the content of these artists by wholeheartedly embracing emblems of popular culture. Its almost as if to say that the logos of consumerism have become so invasive they are a part of his inner psyche. As Robertson himself explains, “I use well known symbols from commercially produced products, places, and services as a kind of cultural hieroglyph; a system of imagery that has the potential to convey a larger meta-narrative or to encourage solidarity in the face of crumbling institutions.”